About Us

About Us

Delight Serve is the name of quality. Which leads you to Exclusive access to unique experiences. Your Unforgettable Experience Begins here. This Brand is Owned by Vedant Vincy ( A Young Entrepreneur of India). Delight Serve Belongs to Vedant Vincy Enterprises. Delight Serve is the leading supplier of the best spices and tea services in India. We are the part of  MSMEs, Vocal for Local & Make in India, which were the evidence of its Standard Services.

Taste is all the Worth Present in your TEA! Without getting the Delicious Taste, you can't enjoy the color of the beautiful time. To make your stay memorable, So Delight Serve Use Hand Blending instead of a machine blender because they do not want to compromise on their tea's standard and retain the trust of their satisfied customers. Although besides these Points antioxidant, anti-inflammation, exercise recovery, heart health, and more benefits from hand-blending tea's.

Delight Serve is passionate about quality. From First-Order to today, we never reduce the standard of our product to make it cheaper. We do our best efforts to make our products better: taste better, smell better, last longer, and remain fresh as possible.

If you program a B.B.Q Party or gather with your friends or family and want quality spices for your recipe, which increases the joy. Then your requirement meets Delight Serve Expertise. They serve to bring a smile to your face and make you feel relaxed by any annoying tension from the taste about Menu at your Party. Our spices fulfill the requirements of every taste in the world.

Our company traditions make us successful, and in our practices, we embrace a person's individuality and care about their taste. Our employees bring Creativity and Passion to everything they do.

Spend less time searching for Delicious spices and Tea at your local grocery. When you can find something from Delight Serve, Whether you need just a pinch or more than a pound, don't hesitate to buy the quality and never compromise on the taste of Your Recipe. Great taste comes from spice, not food scientists, which is why we lead the foodservice industry to develop our blends, create recipes and work with our professional taste. Our magicians handpick all of our raw ingredients, blend by hand, and ship directly to your door to guarantee the freshness and quality of our product.

Our Taste Builders constantly create the next great flavor combination or sourcing in-demand ingredients allowing our beloved to quickly add new flavors at your dining tables. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Delight Serve decided to combine his traditional experiences and individual skills in marketing and in the local Indian spice industry to open the very Decent and tasty Spice and the tea category. The Multi-Talented Brand Provides Multi Tastes, For example, Orthodox blend tea, Kadak(strong) & Dust tea e.t.c. Delight Serve tries to make every sip of Tea lead to enjoy different tastes.

Sometimes Tea becomes the cause of a relationship. So why not make your Tea memorable? So to make this Delight Serve is bringing out the most delicious and standard teas here. You forget all the pains that passed before, and you enjoy the passing time. Our stores are still the best place to smell, taste, and experience the magic of Tea. Come talk to us, meet new people, build friendships and make connections.

Like in the same case when we are going to serve Tea in a traditional ceremony or anywhere like friends gathering, then taste increases the vibe of your ceremony. If You want to customize Your Tea, Delight Serve also has an option to do that. Because our brand cares about Your taste from each point of view.

Delight Serve Building real relationships inside and outside our hearts. They celebrate cultures and people from around the world (Special in India). We believe in the power of a kind word & an easy smile. We embrace the bold exploration of flavor boundaries. We encourage sharing ideas and a spirit of collaboration.

Because life really is awesome with Tea, if you are a tea addict like me, which I'm guessing you are because you're here and reading this, you already know this. Here on this tea brand, you will learn the how and why of Tea. Come in as guests. Leave as a family. Art of Tea by delight Serve offers Customized Tea Menus, Pyramid Teabag Line, Retail Teas, Hospitality Tea Program, and Customized Blends.

The most fragrant, flavourful, and potent mint is in our basket and waiting to get in your cup. It takes a community of different tastes to make that perfect cup of Tea. Because Tea is quiet, predictable, and tame. Stash, on the other hand.

Delight Serve is passionate about Tea, and Tea is all we do. There are different teas available at every step and new teas being made all the time. The Delight Service becomes a limitless exploration of new sensory and aesthetic experiences. There are very few Considerable things in life that can be enjoyed as widely and with so much variety as Tea. Uniting the richest flavors in one cup is one of the expertise of Delight Serve. The freshest tea you've ever tasted, from crop to cup. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of Tea.

Our mission is to deliver "wow" flavor experiences that bring you closer to your loved ones. We make exploring in the kitchen surprisingly simple, so cooks of all levels can say, "I've got this!"